Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Banquet

Discover the musical talents of the spectacular band, Uberphonics, and their fabulous CD, "Dirty Banquet." This album is a treasure trove of musical delights as there are elements of Jazz, Funk, and Rock all wrap up in a package. The trio of musicians, (guitar, bass, and drums) really knows how to take music to the next level as these enticing songs will seep into your soul. Kicking off the CD, "What It Is," reels you in with a funky bass line, solid drums, and magnetic guitar riffs. Another track, "Beyond, Beyond," has a Pink Floyd ambiance and captures a warm and inviting tonality. "Two Potatoes, Two Rolls," is a song with a fun funky groove and showcases talented musicians jamming at their best. If you like the Allman Brothers or Pink Floyd then you will definitely enjoy the jam band tracks on the brilliant album, "Dirty Banquet."