Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chris Flaherty Big Band

Discover the musical talents of the Chris Flaherty Big Band and their latest released Contemporary Jazz instrumental CD, "Turning Point." This tight knit group is comprised of 12 talented Jazz musicians who play with highly skilled dexterity and dynamic magnetism. Opening up the album, "Trane Spotting," draws you in with the big sounds of the crisp horns and an entrancing melody. The title track, "Turning Point," impresses with its smooth groove and laid back tonality. You will be wowed by the song, "Trippin' Off Bird," as the guitar plays the melodic melody with passion and soul while the bass keeps a strong and solid groove. If you are a fan of Pat Metheny then you will truly enjoy the delectable Jazz songs on the exquisite album, "Turning Point."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Banquet

Discover the musical talents of the spectacular band, Uberphonics, and their fabulous CD, "Dirty Banquet." This album is a treasure trove of musical delights as there are elements of Jazz, Funk, and Rock all wrap up in a package. The trio of musicians, (guitar, bass, and drums) really knows how to take music to the next level as these enticing songs will seep into your soul. Kicking off the CD, "What It Is," reels you in with a funky bass line, solid drums, and magnetic guitar riffs. Another track, "Beyond, Beyond," has a Pink Floyd ambiance and captures a warm and inviting tonality. "Two Potatoes, Two Rolls," is a song with a fun funky groove and showcases talented musicians jamming at their best. If you like the Allman Brothers or Pink Floyd then you will definitely enjoy the jam band tracks on the brilliant album, "Dirty Banquet."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Jazzy Christmas" by Ric Iannone (Jazz Artist from The United States)

Pop in the dazzling Jazz instrumental album featuring superb holiday classics on the CD, "Jazzy Christmas" by Ric Iannone as your spirits with lifted with radiant joy. This CD is comprised of a talented trio of musicians, (piano, bass, and drums) that skillfully take traditional holiday tunes and weaves them into spectacular Jazzy compositions. Opening up the album, "O Come All Ye Faithful," grooves with a smooth and easy flowing vibe. Another song, "Deck the Halls," has a fine bouncy beat and an excellent colorful arrangement. "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas," has a sparkling jazzy groove with exceptionally tight precision. Taking it down a notch the song, "What Child Is This," has dynamic power and yet a delicate tonality. If you are feeling stressed out from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping then the outstanding holiday Jazz album, "Jazzy Christmas" is just the thing to kick back and unwind to.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis)" by Power Jazz (Jazz Artist from California)

The spectacular group, Power Jazz, releases an amazing collection of Contemporary Jazz music on the CD, "Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis.) This album has 12 tracks of smooth grooves and delectable melodies performed by a cast of highly seasoned musicians who execute tight precision and dynamic balance. You will hear flavors of Caribbean, Reggae, or Rock Fusion mingling throughout these appealing Jazz tunes. Opening up the album, "Fiesta," one can feel the vibrant energy this group has to offer as this wonderful melody flows with a hypnotic appeal. Another irresistible song, "Cantamar," glistens with a sweet and charming intro then kicks into an energetic syncopated rhythm. Fan of Jazz won't be disappointed when hearing the fantastic CD, "Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis,) as this album has a magnificent collection of songs performed by a superb group of musicians.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Whispering Your Name" by Irina Zemtsova (Jazz Artist from The Russian Federation)

Stunning vocalist, Irina Zemtsova, releases a beautiful Jazz/Pop single, "Whispering Your Name." This single is bursting with a fiery passion and soul as Zemtsova sings with a polished style an exquisite grace. Her voice has a dynamic power and wonderful range as one can feel her emotive vocals singing a lyrical tale with a magical finesse. The sweet and silky piano that accompanies Zemtsova also imparts a rich and serene ambiance. The melodic melody catches your ear with its touching richness and vocal intensity. This is a great Jazz song where one can sit back and relax to an amazing song. The brilliant single, "Whispering Your Name," would be an excellent addition to your fine collection of Jazz/Pop music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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