Monday, July 25, 2011

"Crystal Nights" by Jay Patten (Jazz Artist from Tennessee)

Jay Patten and his latest released album, "Crystal Nights," will light up the music scene with his marvelous collection of Jazz songs. Patten, who is a highly talented instrumentalist/vocalist and is no stranger to the music scene, shares his gift of music with songs that have magnetic style and appeal. The instrumental, "Bussin To Memphis," lets you hear just how talented this guy is on the sax as he performs with a strong and passionate groove. "Freedom Song" and "Finally" are songs that have an ambiance of the Big Band sound and also lets you get a taste of Patten's smooth and soulful vocals. His rendition of the great song, "Can't Help Falling In Love," is quite charming as it has an upbeat and bouncy beat and flows with a sweet and splashy form. If you are a fan of Michael Buble or Harry Connick then you will truly appreciate the delectable songs on the superb Jazz album, "Crystal Nights."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Blues Rock Train" by Dirk Edelhoff (Rock Artist from Germany)

Gifted guitarist, Dirk Edelhoff, releases an excellent guitar driven Rock single, "Blues Rock Train." Edelhoff is a one man band because not only are all guitars played on this single performed by him so are the bass, keys, and drums and this shows what kind of talent he has to offer. Edelhoff is also genuine about his sound on each instrument as each one has a solid Rock clarity. This song has an irresistible melody and a vibrant and catchy beat that flows with a magnetic style. The guitar riff has a Bluesy feel and after listening to this song you will want to hear more from this talented guitar player. Fans of solo Rock guitarists, such as Jeff Beck or Joe Bonamassa, will really like the terrific Rock single, "Blues Rock Train."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Kawai Jazz Sessions" by Kent Welton (Jazz Artist from California)

Kent Welton releases another spectacular Jazz CD, "Kawai Jazz Sessions." Welton does an outstanding job attracting his listeners with the smooth and sophisticated sounds of his Jazz guitar. Each track has a cool vibe of its own and is bursting with passion and soul. The song, "Late Night Day," flows with charming appeal as the guitar grabs you with a mesmerizing soulful style. Another song, "Boppin' In Place," has a bouncy groove as the guitar hypnotizes you with an enticing melody. "Funky Space," has a strong bass line that keeps the rhythm flowing while the sax takes the melody with alluring charisma. If you are a fan of Jazz music, then kick back and relax to the magnificent instrumental Jazz songs on the album, "Kawai Jazz Sessions."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Lonely Bird "New Single"" by Irina Zemtsova (World Artist from Russia)

Talented vocalist, Irina Zemtsova, will charm her way into your heart and soul with her recently released Jazz single, "Lonely Bird." This single has all the right vibes of an outstanding Jazz song. You will find Zemtsova's voice is strong, dynamic, and has a soulful quality. She gracefully sings the melodic lyrics with a relaxing vocal appeal. The instrumentation is well balanced as each instrument melds together to create a smooth and rich texture drawing you in to this alluring song. The sounds of the emotive sax riffs cascades around the sultry vocals with magnetic charm. Fans of Jazz/World Fusion music will really appreciate the fabulous single, "Lonely Bird."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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