Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Rise Up in Love" by David Rastrick (Jazz Artist from Australia)

"Rise Up In Love," is the latest album from David Rastrick. This outstanding CD is comprised of beautifully blended genres of Reggae, Funk, and World Jazz. Rastrick, who is not only superb on the trumpet but is also a great vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, takes his talent for music and creates an album that is fresh and is full of originality. The song, "Yellow-Cake Shake," is fun and vibrant as Rastrick raps to a funky groove. "Sunlite," is a song that flows with an easy grooving rhythm and has smooth harmonies. The title track, "Rise Up In Love," has a soulful walking bass line, great vocals/harmonies, and a melodic melody. "Together," showcases some bright and crisp horns performing the melody with soulful style as the bass and drums keep the rhythm flowing. If you like songs that are vibrant and lively, then you will really enjoy the wonderful collection of songs on the wonderful album, "Rise Up In Love."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, June 6, 2011

"Keep It To Yourself" by Laura Ainsworth (Jazz Artist from Dallas, TX)

Highly talented Jazz vocalist, Laura Ainsworth, releases a spectacular Jazz CD, "Keep It To Yourself." Ainsworth, who is accompanied by the Brian Piper Trio and guests, create an album that is overflowing with vibrant passion and soul. She takes the ambiance of the '40's and '50's supper clubs/bands and elegantly mingles that feel with modern day flair. Opening up the album, the title track, "Keep It To Yourself," reels you in as Ainsworth sweetly expresses her elegant and classy voice with a sophisticated style. Her rendition of the great classic, "Dream A Little Dream of Me," is truly superb as she spins her own magnetic style to this song. The songs, "Midnight Sun" and Skylark" are smooth Jazz at its best as Ainsworth voice carries with a smooth and silky tonality. If you are a fan of Diana Krall or Ella Fitzgerald, then you will truly appreciate the delectable Jazz songs on the outstanding CD, "Keep It To Yourself."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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