Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“JossFunk” by JossFunk (Jazz Artist from Québec, Canada)

Fusing many musical elements and styles, Joscelyn Drainville's "JossFunk" is a melting pot of musical exploration, drawing from several different influences and sources. The tracks on this album cannot be easily pigeonholed into one style or musical genre. Numerous elements from many different styles are present as Drainville weaves his melodic sax and flute lines over intricate, funky drum beats that combine elements of funk, jazz, world, and urban/r&b. The production on "JossFunk" is crisp and clean, achieving a nice balance between the highly percussive drum beats and melodies provided by the sax, flute, keyboards and guitar. Drainville sets the tone right away with "How Did You Know?" which features an incredibly funky, syncopated drum groove and fiery sax solo. "Check It Out" is another grooving track, with Drainville's flute providing the melody over the drum-n-bass style accompaniment. Slower, tender moments are provided by the silky "Black Dress Red Lipsticks" and the gentle, passionate "Do U Think of Me?" which features a beautiful soprano sax solo and fitting, musical guitar work. "Greasy Barry" features baritone sax and trumpet, adding a big band flavor to this funky tune. "South Side" is a definite highlight, with luxurious sax, flute, and guitar lines layered over Brazilian and Afro-Cuban influenced percussion grooves. "JossFunk" is a very interesting and impressive album to be recommended to any fan of jazz-funk and/or urban/r&b music.
-Rodney and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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