Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Here's Love" by Liz Allen Hope (Jazz Artist from Georgia(GA))

"Here's Love" by Liz Allen Hope is an inspirational smooth jazz album driven by Liz's soulful R&B vocals. Together with her saxophonist/flautist husband Paul Hope, Liz brings you a classic contemporary sound and soothing vocal melodies. The arrangements are complementary to Liz's outstanding and soothing vocals, and very relaxing. With a band of seasoned veterans, this album is truly solid. The professional production allows the fine instrumentation to nicely cut through in the recording. Highlights are "You Can't Run From Love" with a great hook and sweet backing vocals. "Escalady" is not only Liz's nickname, it is a grooving little Samba. "I've Got Something For You" features some beautiful guitar work, a strong vocal performance and a catchy chorus. If you enjoy smooth jazz and artists such as Sade and Anita Baker, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

Saturday, May 17, 2008

“Maria Manna” by Maria (Jazz Artist from British Columbia, Canada)

"Maria Manna" is a wonderful display of Maria's sensuous vocals on some great standards. This is a gentle and versatile presentation of old standards. Using variety of tempo and interpretation with the songs of a simpler age gives this CD a special quality. Maria's vocal talents shine through on the CD, and are nicely accompanied by exceptional back-up musicians. The piano and sax interlude on "Candy" add much to the mood of moonlight and flowers. The upbeat and syncopated jazz style of "Bye Bye Blackbird" nicely accentuates the talent of this remarkable vocalist and the accompanying musicians. From jazz, to the Latin rhythms and sensual love songs displayed on this CD, the musical variety makes the CD more interesting from a listener's perspective, and demonstrates the impressive flexibility and versatility of Maria's vocals. If you enjoy listening to beautiful renditions of old classics on a romantic evening, this is a perfect CD to add to your collection.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Soul Collective" by Bradley Leighton (Jazz artist from California (CA))

"Soul Collective" by Bradley Leighton is a smooth jazz fusion album with groove and an upbeat flair. The arrangements are solid and very active. There is quite a lot going on in every song and yet it all comes together. The musiciansship throughout is outstanding. The sax and flute work in particular on this album really stand out, playing quite well off each other. The production on the CD gives an excellent classic smooth jazz sound. Highlights are "Cafe' Con Leche" with Latin elements in the percussion and a vibe that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. "Ode to Billy Joe" has a funky bassline, mellow flute and nice accentual elements. "Undercover" is one of the strongest arrangements and features some fantastic guitar work. If you enjoy smooth jazz and listening to outstanding jazz musicians, you'll love this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

“Harmon Nicks” by Sean Garvey (Jazz Artist from California(CA))

"Harmon Nicks" by Sean Garvey highlights Sean's amazingly innovative acoustic guitar style. Althought the acoustic guitar work on this CD is mesmerizing and complex, the songs are very enjoyable from a casual listeners perspective. The CD is filled with innovative acoustic guitar work and a nice variety of style. The CD makes us wonder why more of us don't use non-standard acoustic guitar tuning. The simple production nicely allows the intricate sounds of the acoustic guitar to shine through in the recording. "The Waltz of the Caterpillar" is a quick moving, upbeat composition to get the heart started. "Gravity" does what one would expect. It tends to center the fabric of the CD with strength and vitality. The strong finger work on "Salvia Envelope" displays Sean's impressive talent. This CD is a great selection for anyone who enjoys acoustic guitar music.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

“Looking Forward to Remembering the Future” by Stanley Sagov (Jazz Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

"Looking Forward to Remembering the Future" by Stanley Sagov is a soothing and serene collection of jazz tunes that demonstrate an intricate exploration of versatility. This album is exceptionally unique, and thereby irresistible. These compositions stretch the boundaries of traditional jazz forms with their fluid, ever-changing natures and use of ambient sounds. This is especially notable in "Falling With Didgeridoo." Moreover, the variety and intricacy of the individual musicians on "Friday Night At The Cadillac Club" denotes the highly-skilled and innovative instrumentation that is not easy to duplicate. The piano work on "2 Chord, Toobad" is strong and forceful. This song also flaunts some great trumpet and sax solos and duos. "Hope For Peace Piece" slows things down a bit and exudes a heavenly piano intro. Furthermore, "Stanley's Kwela" adds a light Latin jazz flavor, giving a glimpse of the versatility of these accomplished musicians. Topped with unmatched production, this CD is a must-have for the jazz enthusiasts.
                                -Lea & The RadioIndy Team
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