Friday, October 12, 2007

"Unbroken" by Virella (Jazz Composer from New York (NY))

Virella's sophomore solo effort entitled "Unbroken" is a tranquil assembly of jazz instrumentals. Bearing heavy influences of rock and Latin flavors, Virella devises a very tasty concoction of impressive guitar-driven instrumentals. The Latin-infused "Paraiso" stands out as extremely refreshing to the ears with its mesmerizing lead electric melody blended with pacifying acoustic guitars and percussion. Adding to these soundscapes are skillfully composed piano arrangements. "Back in the Day" switches vibes, driven by beautiful sax melodies and groovy drum beats. From start to finish, "Unbroken" keeps listeners engaged and compelled. Moreover, the production of this CD is superb! Fans of Jeff Beck and Mike Stern will thoroughly enjoy this serene soundscape!
-Xavier P. and

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Intersections" by Roberta Duchak (Jazz artist from Illinois (IL))

"Intersections" by Roberta Duchak is a vibrant assembly of delightful jazz tunes. In these broadway-influenced tunes, Roberta's perfect pitch and flowing tone fuse to create the most seducing component of "Intersections." The excellent vocal performances are nicely complimented by top notch musicianship. "Let Me Sing" shows off Roberta's beautiful tonal texture and the passion that she puts into her performances. "Seasons Of Love" stands out as extremely melodic, memorable, and musically compelling. Moreover, "Raise the Roof" takes an enjoyable venture into the upbeat sounds of Spanish-flavored jazz. Lyrically, Roberta crafts tunes of joy, love, pain, and fun with great skill! Brilliant production that allows Roberta's captivating voice to stand out above the instrumentation brings this CD to a nice close. Fans of Jane Monheit and Nancy Wilson will find genuine pleasure in the beautiful music on this CD!
-Xavier P. and

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"Suavee's Groove" by Suavee (Jazz Composer from Indiana (IN))

Suavee's sophomore release, "Suavee's Groove", shows off his ever-increasing talent as a jazz composer and instrumentalist. Getting things started is the upbeat "Right On Time", which acquaints listeners with Suavee's stunning piano arrangements and groovy drum beats. "Can We Work It Out" ventures into a softer, more slow-paced arena with its solemn mood. The title track stands out as particularly groovy and contagious, introducing a smooth bass line and trumpet solos that are hard to shake! From beginning to end, "Suavee's Groove" takes listeners on a compelling journey through emotional highs and lows. Outstanding production brings this jazz collection to a nice close! Fans of instrumental jazz don't want to miss out on this one!
-Xavier P. and

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Starry Night" by Sue Bell (Jazz artist from Washington (WA))

"Starry Night" by the elegant Sue Bell is a heart-warming collection of age-old classics revamped with brilliant new jazz-inspired arrangements. Immediately stealing the limelight is Sue's sultry, soul-stirring vocal performances. "I Won't Last A Day Without You" and "Let Me Be The One" demonstrate the compelling instrumentation displayed on this CD– stunning jazz piano compositions backed by amazing trumpet solos and free-flowing drum arrangements make these songs unforgettable! With production as compelling as Sue's smooth vocals, music-lovers can't go wrong with "Starry Night." Fans of jazz and the timeless classics of Stevie Wonder, Carole King, and the likes will fall in love with this CD!
-Xavier P. and

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